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Kawasaki onthuld de volledige 2020 off road line-up

Met een totaal van zes KX modellen is het Kawasaki off-road aanbod voor 2020 onthuld.

Kawasaki onthuld de volledige 2020 off road line-up

Het vlaggenschip model van de KX range is de geavanceerde KX450, maar voor dit jaar is de KX250 het model dat compleet vernieuwd is en is daarmee de krachtigste KX250 4-takt crosser ooit.

De KX250 heeft de afgelopen jaren bewezen vele grote prijzen in de zowel de Motocross als Supercross te kunnen winnen over de hele wereld en de 2020 KX250 is ontwikkeld om dit voort zetten. Zo heeft de 2020 KX250 een nieuw blok met meer vermogen, krachtiger in de hogere toerentallen en een hogere toerentalgrens. Aangevuld met een lichtgewicht, goed uitgebalanceerd chassis, nieuwe voorvork en verbeterde remmen, maakt dit de snelste KX250 ooit.

Naast de indrukwekkende KX450 en KX250 modellen maken de KX65, KX85-I, KX85-II en de KLX110 het off-road aanbod voor 2020 compleet. Al deze 4 machines bieden de perfecte opstap voor ieder jong talent.

Alle 2020 KX modellen staan vanaf medio juli bij de dealer.

Verkoopprijzen 2020 inclusief onvermijdbare kosten.
KX450         € 9.449,00
KX250        € 8.749,00
KX85-II         € 5.049,00
KX85-I        € 4.849,00
KX65        € 3.849,00
KLX110        € 2.949,00




Quick Start to Model Information 20MY KX250





NEW More race-winning high-rpm power
The new engine boasts an increase in peak power of approximately 2.4 kW (3.3 PS), and performance focused on the high-rpm range. The stronger high-rpm performance, easily noticeable from 10,000 min-1, gives riders an advantage on the straights, and makes it easier to tie corners together for quicker lap times.


NEW Revised bore and stroke
The new engine features a short-stroke configuration, with bore and stroke measuring 78.0 x 52.2 mm. Thanks to the wider bore, larger intake and exhaust valves can be used, enabling greater flow for increased high-rpm performance.


NEW Finger-follower valve actuation
Finger-follower valve actuation enables a higher rev limit (increased 500 min-1), and more aggressive cams for harder-hitting power.


Dual injectors
The KX250 is the only production motocrosser with dual injectors (a feature since 2012): an injector downstream of the throttle valve (where injectors are located on standard FI systems), tasked with delivering smooth, instant response; and a second, upstream injector located close to the airbox, which makes a significant contribution to engine output at high rpm.


Factory-inspired tuning
Works-base bridged-box bottom piston is just one of many features inspired by our factory racers.


Holeshot advantage: Launch Control Mode
Factory-style launch control system increases the chance of getting a good start by helping riders maximise traction when starting on a slippery surface.


Easy engine tuning: DFI Setting Data Selection
Using the provided DFI couplers, riders can quickly and easily access their choice of three maps (standard, hard, soft) provided in the ECU.


KX FI Calibration Kit (Accessory)
KX FI Calibration Controller, a portable handheld calibration tool, enables riders to make changes to engine maps by plugging into the ECU without needing a PC or battery. Comes equipped with seven pre-set map settings.



NEW Slim Aluminium Perimeter Frame
Already a very high-level frame, minor rigidity balance tweaking care of new lower front engine mounts contributes to an improved ability to soak up bumps.


NEW Large-Diameter Coil-Spring Fork
Handling suspension duties up front is a new high-performance ø48 mm inverted coil-spring fork. The large-diameter inner tubes enable the use of large damping pistons, delivering smooth action and firm damping. Stiffer spring rates front and rear match the KX250’s increased power.


NEW Stronger Brakes
A larger-diameter ø250 mm rear disc complements the oversized ø270 mm front disc, delivering stronger stopping power. New front brake pad material offers increased controllability.


Slim, Ergonomic Bodywork
The narrow frame and minimalistic bodywork offer a slim riding position that facilitates control. A low, flat tank/seat design makes it easier to sit farther forward, and long, smooth surfaces make it easy to slide back and forth.


Adjustable Ergonomics
A choice of four handlebar positions and two footpeg positions allows riders to tailor their riding position to suit body size and preference.



* Lime Green






Overall length

Overall width

Overall height


Road clearance

Seat height

Curb mass

Fuel tank capacity



2,172 mm

820 mm

1,269 mm

1,480 mm

333 mm

948 mm

105.2 kg

6.4 litres






Bore x Stroke


Compression ratio

Fuel supply

Lubrication system

Starting system

Ignition system



4st, 1-cyl, DOHC, W/C

78.0 x 52.2 mm

249 cm3


Fuel injection (ø44 x 1)

Forced lubrication, semi-dry sump

Primary kick

Digital DC-CDI





Driving system


Gear ratios: 1st





Primary reduction ratio

Final reduction ratio

Clutch type (Primary)



5-speed, return

2.142 (30/14)

1.750 (28/16)

1.444 (26/18)

1.235 (21/17)

1.045 (23/22)

3.350 (67/20)

3.846 (50/13)

Wet multi-disc, manual







Suspension: Front


Wheel travel: Front


Caster (Rake angle)


Steering angle (left/right)

Tyre: Front


Brake: Front Type

Effect. dia

Rear Type

Effect. dia



Tubular, semi-double cradle

Telescopic (USD) fork

New Uni Trak Swingarm

314 mm

310 mm


130 mm

42º / 42º

80/100-21 51M

100/90-19 57M

Single disc

241 mm

Single disc

225 mm



The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets. Available colours may vary by market.




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